Visa & Residence

●  Before entering China

Foreign teachers should provide the following documents:

Passport copy; resume ( with permanent address, phone number, email address);

latest diploma/certificate;physical exam report ( from the hospital/doctor designated

by Chinese Embassy/Consulate);Digital Form of Pictures

Notice:If your spouse or children come to China together with you, you should apply

for the relationship notarization in the Chinese Embassy/Consulate and then take the

notarization to China.

With the above materials, we will get your visa application documents: Working

Permit; Invitation Letter.


● After Entering China

With your working visa to China, we will apply for your Foreign Expert Certificate at

Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu Provincial Government and help you apply for the

Residence Permit at Wuxi Public Security Bureau.


Documents required for Residence Permit application:

A copy of Your Passport and Visa (including the page bearing the entrance date)