Sino-French Animated Film Exchange Event is Held at Jiangnan University

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The two-day Sino-French Animated FilmExchange Forum came to a close on 22 October 2016. The animation film festivalwas jointly sponsored by the French International Cultural Center Association,Wuxi Radio and Television Group and School of Digital Media of JiangnanUniversity. Leaders attending the event include Lu Huiling, Deputy Director of thePublicity Department of CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee, Gao Yan, Deputy Directorof Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, Television, Press andPublication, Zhan Yi, Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of WuxiMunicipal People’s Government, Florence Miailhe, the famous French director of shortanimated films, Wang Fang, Deputy Director of the Publicity Department of CPC JiangnanUniversity Committee, Wang Weiqing, Deputy Party Secretary of School of DigitalMedia of Jiangnan University.

The Sino-French animation film exchangeactivities with rich content lasted two days. In this two-day period, FlorenceMiailhe, the famous French director of short animated films, Xavier Kawa-Topor,historian and animated film expert, and Professor Gong Jianying, Vice Presidentand Secretary-General of China Animation Society had a full range of communicationon the history of development, artistic characteristics, the direction of developmentof the Chinese and French animated films, and led the participants to enjoy theclassic works in the history of animated film in the two countries and thelatest cutting-edge works.

This is the second international film andtelevision exchange after the Film Exhibition of 14th ISFVF (InternationalStudent Film and Video Festival) organized by School of Digital Media ofJiangnan University last year. This activity has also set up a new platform forthe integration of School of Digital Media and international advanced culture.