Jiangnan University “International Cultural Exchange Month” Event Ends Successfully

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To broadenour students’ horizons, to create an international atmosphere in campus and toprovide more communication opportunities, the International Office organized theInternational Cultural Exchange Month event in this semester, which lasted fortwo months. This event was composed of three parts: “Face to Face”Lectures, “One Week Friends” and “Me with You” Theme Party. The eventwas held from March to May 2017, which attracted the intense attention and vigorousparticipation of many Chinese and foreign students.

“Face to Face”Lectures startedin the first teaching building 1B504 on March 21st. The series oflectures contain altogether 11 sessions, including the introduction of overseasculture by foreign teachers, the interpretation of overseas exchange managementregulations for students and “YuanXiang”Scholarshipby teacher from the International Office, the sharing of experiences by subsidizedstudents of the China Scholarship Council “Excellent Undergraduate Program”, the exchangeof experience by students who gained high scores in IELTS, as well as the IELTScourses by Simon, a foreign teachers.

“OneWeek Friends”Activitywas launched on WeChat public number, “Jiangnan University International Exchange”, on April 12th.Through online and offline publicity, we got overwhelming responses. More than200 Chinese and foreign students enrolled, of which 88 students participated inthe activity and were divided into 25 groups according to their hobbies. Eachgroup was arranged to complete the specified tasks such as learning a Chinesepoem, singing a song together, etc. during the period from April 12thto May 1st. Some of the pictures and videos they took were publishedon the WeChat public number. And by the WeChat public vote, three groups stoodout, winning the Most Popular Award.

The“Mewith You”ThemeParty as well as the closing ceremony of the whole event was held at the SouthStudent Center on May 21st. The Chinese and foreign students participatedin“OneWeek Friends” and 19inter-school students from more than 10 Colleges and Universities in Ontario,Canada, who has just arrived to take the “China Food Culture”International Summer Course also joined in the partywith great interest. Chinese and foreign students talked to each other, while singingand dancing, playing games, and watching the sharing of “One Week of Friend”s, which createda warm atmosphere in the hall.

The“InternationalCultural Exchange Month”activitiesnot only enriched the knowledge of students in our university, provided a widerange of information for students to study abroad, but also set up a bridge forthe friendship between Chinese and foreign students, narrowed the distance amongthe young, and intensified the cultural exchanges.