Picnic Day 2019 at the Confucius Institute of the University of California, Davis

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On April 13, the Confucius Institute at the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) participated in the 105th Picnic Day which was themed "Adventure Awaits".

The UC Davis Picnic Day began in 1906 and has become a well-known event in the Sacramento area. The tranquil university town was bustling with hundreds of thousands of community residents.

As people lined both sides of the streets, the Confucius Institute volunteers, dressed in special t-shirts and holding red lanterns with the words “Food”, “Wine” and “Tea” (the cultural focus of the UC Davis branch) printed on them, marched along accompanying a large scroll, on which the Chinese characters meaning "Chinese culture has a long history", were written in calligraphy. The street which was filled with the folk music of “Xiyangyang”, “Bubugao” and so on. The team wearing traditional Chinese clothes was one of the highlights of the parade. Teacher and student volunteers’ lively dances and warm greetings were met with bursts of applause from the audience. Everywhere they went were the endless cheers of "China! China! "

Staff from the Confucius Institute introduced a series of activities that showcased a fusion of Chinese and western food cultures for the audience at the cultural booths. The activities attracted great interest and many people registered on the spot for the upcoming spring semester functions. The Confucius Institute at UC Davis raised public awareness and understanding of Confucius Institutes and Chinese culture during the Picnic Day.

The Confucius Institute team marches on 1

The Confucius Institute team marches on2

The Confucius Institute team marches on3

Group photo of the Confucius Institute team