General Information

Jiangnan University’s faculty team currently consists of 1,985 members, about two thirds of whom have a PhD degree and 37.7% of whom have extensive international experience. Jiangnan  University boasts 2 academicians of the China Academy of Engineering and the faculty members are affiliated with a wide range of prestigious programs, including the “Thousand Talents Plan” (15), the “Ten Thousand Talents Plan” (14), and the “Cheung Kong Scholars Program” (19). In addition, the university also has 15 recipients of awards by the National Science Fund for Distinguished Yong Scholars and for Excellent Young Scholars, 1 chief scientist of the “973 Project” and 7 candidates who were selected for the “New Century Talents Project”. Jiangnan University has set up 39 national- and provincial-level innovation teams. All of these lay a solid foundation for scientific innovation and high-quality personnel training.