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Jiangnan University currently has 7 “First-Level Disciplines to Confer Doctoral Degrees”, including Food Science and Technology, Light Industry Technology and Engineering, Textile Science and Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Design and Environmental Science and Engineering, 28 “First-Level Disciplines to Confer Master Degrees” and 2 “Second-Level Disciplines to Confer Master Degrees”. The university also confers 6 categories of professional master degrees, including Laws, Engineering, Agriculture, Business Administration, Arts and Nursing.


Jiangnan University has 8169 graduate students, including 1018 doctoral students (including 71 foreign doctoral students), 5794 full-time master students (including 2986 academic master students, 2670 professional master students and 138 foreign master students); 1357 part-time master students.


Jiangnan University boasts 1076 graduate tutors, including 286 doctoral tutors and 790 master tutors.

International Exchanges

There are many graduate students successfully accepted by National Scholarship Council every year. To further improve the internationalization of postgraduate education and enhance the international competitiveness of postgraduate students, Jiangnan University has established graduate overseas training programs, doctoral graduate international exchange grants and so forth to fund outstanding graduate students to study in well-known universities or research institutes and participate in high-level international conferences. At present, the proportion of overseas exchanges for doctoral students reaches 41.7%.

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