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Our Motto

Learning and Practice to Perfection

The Chinese character “笃” stands for diligence and loyalty, and “学” means study and learning. Therefore, “笃学” is to learn diligently and embrace moral virtues. “尚行”encourages people to put ideas into practice. Confucius advocated that people be circumspect in speech but decisive in action. Shao Yong, a renowned scholar in the Northern Song Dynasty, once stated that if practice is valued, diligence will prevail. What “笃学尚行” promotes is the effective combination of theory and practice. “止于至善” originates from the ancient Chinese literary classic The Great Learning, of which the very first sentence is “what the great learning teaches, is to illustrate virtue; to renovate the people; and to rest in perfection”. It asserts that continual advance towards the highest excellence is possible.

From “diligent learning” to “practice” and finally to “perfection” is progressive. “Diligent leaning” is the foundation; “practice” is the key and the method, and “to rest in perfection” is the final goal and one’s supreme state. “笃学尚行,止于至善” expresses the pursuit of truth, learning and life.

Our Mission

To serve the people through developing our distinctive strengths in light industry

To be a pillar of the industry through innovating our educating system

Our Development Policies

To pursue greater scientific and technological achievements

To provide better education and training

To render full-scale social and industrial service

To enhance school management mechanisms

To pass on and develop the Jiangnan culture

Our Strategic Objective

To build a research-oriented university with distinctive features

General Information

Jiangnan University, situated in Wuxi by beautiful Taihu Lake, is a national key “211 Project” university and is selected into “First-Class Discipline Project”, falling under the Ministry of Education.

Jiangnan University’s roots stretch back to 1902 when its predecessor, San Jiang Normal School, began its first term. In 1958, Jiangnan University began its independent existence as Wuxi Institute of Light Industry, which later merged with two other colleges in 2001, and was renamed as Jiangnan University by the Ministry of Education. The university, with the area of 208 hectares, consists of 22 schools and is the home to 3,333 staff and faculty members, 21,065 full-time undergraduates, 12,857 postgraduates and 277 international students.

Known as “the pearl of China ’s higher education in light industry”, Jiangnan University has launched a new journey toward the strategic objective of “building itself into a research-driven university with distinctive characteristics”, abiding by the motto of “learning and practice to perfection”.


In the 2023 “Global Ranking of Academic Subjects” of ShanghaiRanking, 17 disciplines of the university were selected. Our disciplines “ Food Science and Technology” was ranked first in the world for five consecutive years, “Textile Science and Engineering" discipline was ranked second in the world. According to ESI, Jiangnan University ranks No.57 in China and our 10 disciplines (agricultural science, engineering, chemistry, biology&biochemistry, materials science, clinical medicine, computer science, pharmacology and toxicology, environment and ecology, microbiology) fall within the top 1% globally and agricultural science is in 0.1‰. Jiangnan  University is placed 60 nationwide and is in the 598th position globally by the US News rankings.

Address: 1800 Lihu Avenue, Wuxi, Jiangsu, 214122, China

Website: www.jiangnan.edu.cn