Jiangnan University was among the first group of higher institutions approved by the Ministry of Education to enroll international students in China. Tens of thousands of international students from over 100 countries have studied here as regular students, language learning students, exchange students as well as short-term program students.

I. Regular students and language learning students

The School of International Education is responsible for the enrolment of regular international students and language learning students. All programs offered at Jiangnan University accept international students, where students can pursue Bachelor, Master, and PhD degrees. A select group of majors are also offered in English. Currently, there are nearly 1000 international students studying on campus. They are largely dispersed among the School of Food Science and Technology, School of Biotechnology, School of Textile Science and Engineering, School of Internet of Things, School of Business, School of Design, School of Medicine and so forth. The school also offers Chinese language program of beginner, junior, intermediate, and advanced courses.

II. Exchange students and short-term program students

International Office is responsible for implementing student exchange programs and short-term study aboard program at the university level. Exchange programs are started mainly based on active exchange agreements between two institutions. Now, Jiangnan University enjoys collaborative relations with 190 universities and research organizations in over thirty countries and regions. The university also offers short-term study aboard programs, such as:

- A Taste of China (a brand sub-program of Ontario-Jiangsu Student Exchange Program)

- Global Fashion and Textile Design Summer School (tailored for University of California, U.S)

- Short-term Research Program for Excellent Undergraduates (cooperation with research team and entering the laboratories)

- Short-term programs for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students (organized by School of Medicine and School of Biotechnology)