Cooperation in Running Schools

The international joint programs are one of the important measures Jiangnan University takes to further strengthen ties with overseas partners, to cultivate high-caliber personnel, and to become a first-rate university.

The model of X+X (X≥1) is commonly designed for international joint programs, for example, 2+2 and 3+1 at undergraduate level, 1+1+1 at graduate level. At present, the university has 20 international joint programs by collaborating with world-renowned universities, such as Queen Mary University of London, The University of Turku, Rochester Institute of Technology, National University of Ireland Galway, and so forth.

There are 2 dual bachelor degree programs of 3+1 model at undergraduate level approved by the Ministry of Education. One is with Monash University for the major of Business Administration (since 2012) and the other one is with Massey University for the major of Food Science and Engineering (since 2020). Students participating in such programs will spend three years at JU and one year at the partner university, and can receive bachelor degrees from both universities.