Virtual Signing Ceremony Successfully Held between NERCFF of Jiangnan University and APC Microbiome Ireland

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The virtual signing ceremony on cooperation between National Engineering and Research Center of Functional Food of Jiangnan University (hereinafter referred to as NERCFF) and APC Microbiome Ireland was successfully held on 5 February. President of University College Cork John O’Halloran, Director of APC Paul Ross, APC Senior Researcher Catherine Stanton, APC Researcher Sally Cudmore, President of Jiangnan University Chen Wei, Director of Food and Biotechnology Center of the School of Food Science and Technology Zhao Jianxian, Director of International Office Yin Jian, Deputy Director of International Office Cai Jianying, Deputy Director of NERCFF Lu Wenwei, Professor of the School of Food Science and Technology Liu Xiaoming, and Assistant to the Dean of the School of Food Science and Technology Yang Bo attended the event. Yin Jian presided over the ceremony.

At the signing ceremony, Chen Wei applauded UCC for its high reputation in the teaching and research of fundamental science and engineering, and praised APC for being an internationally renowned research center of intestinal studies and industrial development integrating industries, universities and research institutes with outstanding achievements. After years of exchanges among Jiangnan University, UCC and APC, the signing ceremony marked the official launch of the NERCFF-APC cooperation in full scale. At a new starting point, both sides will fully tap into their respective advantages in technology and resources, carry forward academic cooperation at high level, so as to create opportunities in the opening up process and find solutions through cooperation.

The signing ceremony represented another solid step towards all-round cooperation, both sides, acting on the basis of the existing strategic partnership, will continue to draw from each other’s advantages and expand cooperation in the future, John O’Halloran, President of UCC Ireland, said at the ceremony.

Since 2012, Jiangnan University has been conducting broad and in-depth cooperation with APC in fields of probiotics, enteric microorganism and functional food. Today’s event is not only a ceremony, but also a step forward in sharing scientific and research experience. Both parties are dedicating to cooperation in key projects, in a way to promote talent cultivation and exchange in functional food, and ultimately boost the innovative development of health science and technology, according to Paul Ross, Director of APC.

Chen Wei and Paul Ross jointly signed the NERCFF-APC Cooperation Agreement, and participants witnessed the ceremony online.

In the next five years, both sides will take this cooperation as an opportunity to keep close communication and push for in-depth integration, endeavor to make breakthroughs and innovations in forward-looking technology research, talent exchange and cultivation, and course design, so as to realize win-win outcomes.


Signing Ceremony


President Chen Wei addressed the ceremony


Signing of the Agreement by both sides