The Closing Ceremony & Screening Ceremony of the 2021 "Looking China·International Youth Film Project - Jiangsu" Kicks Off in Jiangnan University

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The closing ceremony and screening ceremony of the 2021 "Looking China·International Youth Film Project - Jiangsu" was held recently in the Lecture Hall on the third floor of Jiangnan University’s Library. Xiang Yunju, Distinguished Professor and Executive President of the Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture of the organizer Beijing Normal University, attended the ceremony at Jiangnan University. Liu Miao, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of Jiangnan University, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Ni Songtao, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee of Jiangnan University and Head of the Publicity Department of the CPC Committee of Jiangnan University, Qiu Jianping, Secretary of the CPC Committee of the School of Design, and relevant officials from the Office of the CPC Committee, the Office of International Exchanges and Cooperation, the School of International Education and the School of Design, as well as teachers and students participating in the project and guests interviewed in the documentary attended the event. Cai Jianying, Deputy Director of the Office of International Exchanges and Cooperation presided over the ceremony.

To begin with, Liu Miao delivered a speech on behalf of the university. He expressed his sincere gratitude to all participating teachers and students, and warmly welcomed all distinguished guests. He said that, just as what General Secretary Xi Jinping said before, diversity spurs interaction among civilization, which in turn promotes mutual learning and their further development. The "Looking China - International Youth Film Project" worked as a bridge to further promote international dissemination of Chinese culture through lens of foreign youths. This project encouraged youth scholars to become envoys among civilizations and help intensify cultural exchanges and enhance understanding between Chinese and people of other countries. The “Looking China-Jiang” event played an important role in telling stories of Jiangsu and China, and he hoped more stories of Jiangsu, Jiangnan and China will be known to foreigners through such projects.

Xiang Yunju delivered a speech on behalf of the organizer and expressed his congratulations to foreign youth directors and all teachers and students who overcame tremendous difficulties to successfully complete the filming. In a very short period of seventeen days, these foreign youth directors wrote a wealth of moving stories in collaboration with advisors both at home and abroad, Chinese producers and volunteers after fully appreciating the magnificent landscape of the regions south of the Yangtze River and tapping into abundant cultural resources. Even if they were not majoring in film and television, these directors overcame obstacles brought by language and cultural differences as well as various difficulties in video shooting, editing and production regardless of limited time and heavy tasks, and finally created such a batch of brilliant works. Through many years’ of endeavors, the “Looking China - International Youth Film Project” has gained increasing influence in China and beyond, and this ambitious international project aimed at promoting Chinese culture has become a brand focusing on highlighting China's charm and disseminating Chinese culture, said Prof. Xiang.

Nkantu Luscious Dosi, International Advisor from AFDA, South Africa, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to directors and producers for their 17 days of hard work and dedication through a video. The stories they filmed will be recorded in the history of the "Looking China - International Youth Film Project" for future directors to learn from. The representatives of foreign youth directors and Chinese producers said at the sharing meeting that the "Looking China - Jiangsu" event was an important stage to showcase China's charm and carry forward Chinese culture, as well as a fruitful cultural experience and learning opportunity, and they were willing to promote Chinese culture and help more people engage in learning, appreciating and loving Chinese culture.

The "Looking China·International Youth Film Project" was founded by the Huilin Foundation of Beijing Normal University and the Institute of International Communication of Chinese Culture in 2011, and has been successfully held for ten years with the academic support of the China Higher Education Association Committee of Film and TV Education. This is the first time for Jiangnan University to organize the "Looking China·International Youth Film Project - Jiangsu" event, with international students from countries including Ghana, Nepal, Congo (Brazzaville), Bangladesh, Liberia, Burundi acting as youth directors, and students from the Digital Media Art Department of the School of Design acting as Chinese producers. Thanks to their joint efforts, eight outstanding documentary works were brought to the audience, namelyTalking with Spirits: Chinese Art, Root to the Ancestors, Bitter Journey Spring Breeze, The Story of FUSHOU TANG, Journey of Taibo Temple, Feelings of the Teapot, How about A Cup of Tea, Music Heals the Soul, which gave full expression to the cultural legacy and spirit of the Chinese nation under the theme of family, homeland and country. At the closing ceremony of the "Looking China-Jiangsu” event, Xiang Yunju and Liu Miao jointly presented commemorative certificates to foreign youth directors, Chinese producers and volunteers and took a group photo.

Guests watched the documentaryMeet You In Wuand eight thematic documentaries together with teachers and students of the university at the screening ceremony. Prof. Li Dongning, PhD supervisor in charge of the Department of Digital Media Art of School of Design of Jiangnan University, spoke highly of these works and appreciated the endeavors made by all youth directors. According to him, these works spoke volume of the essence of “real character, real incident, real scenery and real feelings” inherited in the documentary although some scenes were a little bit inexperienced from a professional perspective.

Although the 17-day "Looking China-Jiangsu" event officially came to an end, the profound implication and spirit of family, homeland and country will always be kept alive and carried forward. We’re looking forward to the next interaction between Looking China Project and Jiangsu, and we wish the friendship between China and foreign countries could live forever, and Chinese and foreign cultures could further communicate with and learn from each other.

Liu Miao, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of Jiangnan University, delivered a speech

Xiang Yunju, Executive President of the Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture of Beijing Normal University,

delivered a speech

Group photo of leaders, guests and Chinese and foreign youth

Works of the “Looking China-Jiangsu” event