New Zealand Consul-General in Shanghai Visits Jiangnan University

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New Zealand Consul-General in Shanghai Ardi Barnard and Policy Advisor Shen Minmin paid a visit to Jiangnan University on the afternoon of March 21. President Chen Wei met with the delegation. Others attended the meeting including Deputy Director Ye Zheng of the Foreign Affairs Office of Wuxi Municipal People’s Government, Vice President Du Guocheng, Deputy Chief Cai Jianying of the International Office and Qin Jie.

President Chen Wei extended a warm welcome to the delegation led by Consul-General Ardi Barnard and elaborated on discipline features andstrengthofJiangnanUniversity as well aseducational and scientific research cooperation with New Zealand universities and enterprises. He expressed gratitude toMassey University and Consul-General forsupporting the cooperative education project jointly developed by Jiangnan University andMassey University, and hoped that thecooperationwould better meet the needs of industries and serve local economic development of two countries.Consul-General Ardi Barnard expressed his pleasure to visit Jiangnan University during the Wuxi InternationalMonth and InternationalCherry BlossomFestival. He longed for deepened understanding ofcooperationbetween Jiangnan University and New Zealand through this visit, so as to better promote exchanges and cooperationbetweenthe two sides in the future.Consul-Generalrecognized scientific research results jointly achieved by our university and New Zealand enterprises in food science, and introduced development features and prospects of New Zealand in design and fashion, in which he looked forward to more cooperation in the future.

Vice PresidentDuGuocheng and Consul-General Ardi Barnard hadanotherdiscussionlater on,which was attended by Deputy Dean Xie Yunfei of the School of Food Science and Technology (SFST), Assistant to the Dean Xu Yong and others. Du Guochenggave a detailed introduction ofgeneral situation of our university and the cooperative education project jointly developed by Jiangnan University andMassey University. He expressed wishes to expand industry-university-research institution cooperation to more fields with New Zealanduniversitiesand enterprises in the future. After carefully learning our feedback on cooperation with New Zealand,Ardi Barnardexpressed wishes to see more commercialization of Jiangnan University’s technological achievements in New Zealand, a country with sound food industry, against the backdrop of increasingly frequent international exchanges. After the discussion, the delegationhad a face-to-facecommunication at the SFSTwith students whoare going to studyat Massey University,andanswered their concerns about upcoming studies in New Zealand. Consul-Generalpromised full support for studentsduring their study in New Zealand and hoped that they would enjoy their final yearthere.

President Chen Wei met with Consul-General Ardi Barnard

President Chen Weipresented a souvenir toConsul-General

Vice President Du Guocheng had a discussion with Consul-General Ardi Barnard

Consul-General Ardi Barnardat a discussion with Jiangnan University

A discussion between Jiangnan University and delegationmembers