Closing Ceremony/Screening Ceremony of 2024 Looking China Youth Film Project・Jiangsu

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On the afternoon of May 10th, 2024 Looking China Youth Film ProjectJiangsu Closing Ceremony/Screening Ceremony took place smoothly in Lecture Hall 305 of the library at Jiangnan University. Among the attendees were Liu Miao, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Jiangnan University Committee; Luo Jun, Deputy Director of the Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture at Beijing Normal University; Francesco Cardinali, Fellow of UniMC’s China Center, Italy; Wang Wei, Director of the CPC Committee Office; Huang Min, Director of the President’s Office; Ni Ye, Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office; Wang Weiqing, CPC Committee Secretary of the School of Design; Liang Jian, Deputy Director of the Publicity Department of the CPC Committee; and Cai Jianying and Qin Jie, Deputy Directors of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office. Additionally, all teachers and students involved in the project and the guests interviewed in the documentary short films were present. Ni Ye presided over the closing ceremony.

During the ceremony, on behalf of Jiangnan University, Liu Miao extended his congratulations on the event’s successful conclusion and affirmed the achievements made this year. He hoped that more voices from Jiangsu and stories from China could be heard worldwide through such activities.

Following Liu’s remarks, Luo Jun delivered a speech. He looked back on the 17-day cultural journey, complimenting the young foreign directors on their exploration and interpretation of Chinese culture. He hoped these short films would reach a global audience, opening new windows for the world to understand China.

Wang Weiqing spoke highly of the works of the young directors, which showcased the diverse charm of Jiangsu. He sent sincere congratulations on the successful conclusion of the ceremony, expressing hope for more young people, both domestic and foreign, to join the “Looking China” initiative in the future.

The foreign project advisor, Francesco Cardinali, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the organizers and great pride in the team members. He conveyed that he was deeply impressed by Jiangsu’s beauty, particularly the Wu culture.

After the speeches, Luo Jun and Ni Ye awarded certificates to foreign directors and domestic volunteers who participated in this event. Wang Wei and Huang Min issued letters of appreciation to guests featured in the documentaries.

    The documentary short films, which embody the efforts of young people at home and abroad, were officially showcased. The documentaries depicted Jiangsu culture’s profound historical heritage and vibrant modern charm. Among them were scenes showcasing the Yixing Yangxian Gong Cha Yuan, steeped in a millennium of tea culture; the Hubin commercial street, reflecting the vibrancy of urban life; the Jiulongwan Flower Planet, a modern interpretation of the Peach Blossom Land; the Wuxi Blue Sky Rescue Team, dedicated to safeguarding lives; the Kintsugi master, immersed in the art of repairing broken pottery and classical gardens; the passionate inheritors of Suzhou-style furniture craftsmanship; the Japanese photographer capturing the changes of the times; the “Suzhou Embroidery Young Master”, preserving the art of Suzhou embroidery; traditional healers wandering amidst the echoes of literati; and painters capturing the splendor of Jiangnan. All project members and the guests interviewed in the documentaries and students from relevant disciplines, such as the School of Design and the School of Humanities, gathered to watch the screening.

In the end, Professor Yin Jun from the School of Design at Jiangnan University provided commentary on the documentary short films, fully recognizing their conceptual depth and visual impact and highly praising their cultural and artistic value.

Civilization thrives through diversity, communication fosters understanding, and understanding leads to development. With this, the “Looking China” Jiangsu Session, spanning 17 days, officially draws close. Under the theme of “Beauty in Travel, Delicacies, and Scenery”, this event, through the perspective of foreign youth directors, has disseminated the beauty of Jiangsu from multiple dimensions, effectively narrating the Wu culture.

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Liu Miao, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Jiangnan University Committee, delivered a speech.

Luo Jun, Deputy Director of the Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture at Beijing Normal University, delivered a speech.

Francesco Cardinali, Fellow of UniMC’s China Center, Italy, delivered a speech.

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