2019 Design for Transition International Conference IV: New System View in Design Transitions

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Conference Theme: 2019Design for Transition International Conference IV: New System View in Design Transitions

Time: October 24-26, 2019

Place: Jiangnan University

Brief Introduction:  Starting from 2016, Jiangnan University has been hosting the Design for Transition International Conference series to initiate the discussions on the transition and explorations on design education, research and practices in the new era, and to share the experiences and academic outcomes of the interdisciplinary and industrial new practices in international design discipline. On the basis of the discussions in the past three years on Design Research: The Transformation of Technology and Meanings (2016), Design Framework: Sustainable Creativity of Design (2017), and Diffused Transition and Design Opportunities (2018), the conference this year will continue the discussion from October 24th to 26th under the theme of New System View in Design Transitions.It will invite experts and design practitioners from Cumulus Association, Europe Academy of Design, University of Cincinnati (USA), Politecnico di Milano (Italy),  University of Western Ontario (Canada), Purdue University (USA), Plymouth University (UK), Hong Kong Polytechnic University (China) and Tsinghua University(China), to share their expertise in the frontiers of design, and  it will also host four thematic forums under the topics of Experience Design Frontier Methodology and Technology, Healthcare Design and Healthy  Home, Brand Strategy and Future Experience System, and Architecture and Heritage Protection for Future Experience for detailed discussions, and in the meantime,  thematic workshops will also be hosted to further enhance the construction of the new system view.